Hughthir’s Artist Retreat — First Post!

I hope to learn more about blogging, in the process of doing it.

My intention for this web site is to give renters of my ‘artist retreat’ an idea of what is here, as well as to share some history of this place.

This will include introducing you to my Mother, Mary White, who lived here full time from 2000 until her death in November of 2007. It was her desire and vision to have a home back in the woods, a place for reflection, contemplation, and appreciation of nature. She purchased the land in 1994, and I began building her house here in the spring of 1995.

Mary spent a good deal of time visiting and staying here during the building of her home, yet she continued living in her home in Detroit and working as a psychologist. She retired in the year 2000, and moved to Gilbert Lake.

In 2002 she was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease that was no small challenge for her. She found the strength to survive this awful illness, and had some wonderful times here in her final years.

My mother was a city girl for the majority of her life. Born in the city of Ypsilanti, she spent most of her adult life in the city of Detroit. All the same, she had a strong connection to being in the woods. She loved the beauty of the trees, the lake, the seasons. She was always outside, taking walks, witnessing the wonder of it all.

Her house is a reflection of her esthetic and her values.  Her many bookcases are filled with a broad range of authors and subjects.  Certainly you will find an impressive collection on feminism and psychology, but as well a good collection of fiction and political biographies.  Women authors abound.  And she has a good collection of poetry, and spirituality.

Having lived here with my mother for many years, I know how much she enjoyed her guests. She always got excited about visitors and loved to clean her home up in anticipation, and was a marvelous host.  Part of me is sure she approves of my renting her home, and I know she is happy that I get it all cleaned up, for the guests!